A Tell-All Guide On How Best To Refreeze Different Kinds Of Meat

Freezing animal products like meats and fishes is the best way to store them. This preserves their freshness even while making them last longer than usual. But, what happens when you thaw too much meat than you needed? Can you refreeze them? Will that not ruin its quality? And just what is the proper method for refreezing meats? These and many other questions will be answered below.

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To start with, there is a need to answer the common question of whether refreezing meat is right and whether it compromises the safety of refrozen meats in any way.

Yes, meats can be refrozen, and no, they pose no danger when done so. However, this solely depends on the method you used to thaw them. The best option is to transfer the meat to a fridge (or any other place with a temperature lower than 42° F) to thaw slowly.

Other methods like using a microwave aren't recommended if you are plan to refreeze meat. If you have to use one, then it'd be best to cook all the meat and set some aside to be refreezed.

Also, keep in mind that the secret to keeping your meat safe for consumption after thawing is refreezing them as soon as you can. The longer it stays at room temperature, the worse it gets.

Now that you have known these basic things, check out the meats you can refreeze as well as tips for doing so:

1. Beef


If you follow the right methods above, you can refreeze beef steaks and roasts, even after thawing them. When refrozen, they can last for as long as a year and still make exceptionally delicious meals!

2. Ground beef


To refreeze ground beef, it must have spent no more than three days in your fridge. When refreezed, ground beef can last up to four months.

If you thaw it again, it is recommended that you use them to make casseroles.

3. Chicken


Always refreeze chicken quickly! Chicken that you plan to refreeze must not spend any more than two days before going back in the freezer. When properly refrozen, chicken can last for as long as a year, but when thawed, it is recommended that you try not to make it the primary ingredient in any dish because indeed nothing beats fresh chicken.

4. Pork


Unlike some other meats, pork remains tasty even when it is refrozen. To refreeze pork, place it in a tightly sealed freezer bag and press it to ensure there is no air inside to prevent freezer burn. The pork can last up to two months in the freezer.

There you have it! Although not totally recommended, there are admittedly times when you have to refreeze meat. So, always make sure to do your best to preserve the taste and overall quality of the meat; keep the few tips included above in mind.

Hope this helps you out!

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