The #AdoptAPistachioTree campaign is the brainchild of Vincenzo and Giulio Bonfissuto, brothers who co-own the Bonfissuto Pastry Shop in Canicattì, Sicily, Italy.

The adoption project's name is "Fustuq," an Arabic term, later assimilated by the Sicilian dialect as "fastuca," which indicates the pistachio.

On the campaign's crowdfunding Kickstarter page, the brothers accrue inspiration for the cause to be their new move to an ancient pistacchieto. They wrote:

"For just over one year, we have invested resources and energies to move our production plants to a new area outside the town, in the countryside."

They further explain that although the site seemed outdated, it "immediately inspired" them because of its position, history, and surrounding lands, devoted to the pistachio cultivation since ancient times

The brief also includes an assertion of the goals of Bonfissuto's company:

"A mixture of enthusiasm and methodological rigor has led us to the creation of new recipes and preparations revisiting – without ‘offending' – the heritage of the Sicilian pastry and some of the most traditional Italian bakery products such as the Panettone."

Every contributor to the Kickstarter campaign, depending on its size, receives panettone, pastries, Modica chocolate, and other exchange products. Such a benefactor is also given a chance to name a pistachio tree.

Do you want to create "your personal pistachio grove" and join the cause to plant a minimum of 70 new pistachio trees? Join the #AdoptAPistachioTree campaign!