Read on to know if Halo top ice cream is better than the regular ice cream!

Halo top ice cream is prepared using organic and natural ingredients and is low in calories compared to the regular ice creams. It is quite light, rich in proteins and calcium, and contains merely 370 calories per pint. This popular brand of ice cream was launched in the year 2012 and is widely available in the majority of the continents.

The USP of this ice cream is that the manufacturer uses natural sugar substitutes, less cream, organic cane sugar, a mix of organic and natural ingredients to prepare it, and the dairy is sourced from conventionally raised cows.

It is available in more than 2 dozen flavors and even vegan version is available. Cane sugar, stevia leaf extract, and erythritol are the main sugar substitutes used in this ice cream. Prebiotic fiber and soluble fiber (from carob seeds and guar beans) are also added to Halo ice cream to replace the use of fat and stabilizing agents. Presence of skimmed milk, egg, and milk protein concentrate adds to the protein content of this ice cream. Rice and peas are used to make up for the protein content in the vegan version of this ice cream.

Health benefits

It is significantly low in calories and contains a higher protein than the traditional ice cream. It does not fluctuate the blood sugar levels much after consumption. The sugar substitutes (erythritol and stevia) used in Halo ice creams do not result in tooth decay and in fact help in the killing of the bacteria that erodes tooth enamel.

Health hazards

It is sometimes hard to control its consumption and stop at the designated portion size. One must remember that each pint contains 4 servings and even if it is low in calories, one must try to stick to the recommended serving size. Uncontrolled consumption of this ice cream affects the intake of vitamins and minerals. Also, people consider it to be healthy and thus eat huge portions of this ice cream, which increases their intake of added sugars. Halo top ice creams use cane sugar as well, which can increase the intake of added sugars in an otherwise healthy diet. It doesn’t taste as good as the traditional ice cream. Consuming too much Halo ice cream can also result in bloating as the prebiotic fiber present in it can make you gassy. In a rare situation, the ingredients present in this ice cream such as guar gum, erythritol, and carob gum can lead to allergic reactions.