All the best in one book: the first cookbook by Cookist with the most loved 50 recipes ever

In the first cookbook signed by Cookist, the most loved 50 recipes ever together with countless hacks, ideas, alternatives and tips.

By Cookist

The first cookbook by Cookist has finally come! The most loved 50 recipes ever, together with countless hacks: ideas, alternatives and tips that will make your cooking experience more creative, easy and fun.

Easy, fun, creative: these are the keywords of our cookbook.

Easy, to feel and share the pleasure of spending time in the kitchen, making those who sit at the table with us feel loved, to consolidate bonds and to give importance to our passion.

Fun, to enjoy the moment, rediscovering oneself and rediscovering others. Through cooking we can travel, get to know places never before seen, fall in love with distant cultures and understand how they resemble each other much more than you think when it comes to food.

Creative, because the ideas in the kitchen always need some inventiveness. And it is the ability to create what makes every dish, and every human being, unique in its kind.

In this cookbook we have collected the 50 recipes voted most popular by our community, including their favorite ingredients  and recipes. We wanted to wish you to Have an egg-cellent day, starting with the most loved ingredient: eggs. In this chapter you will find simple and delicious recipes, ideal for starting the day off on the right foot. And if you prefer a sweet alternative: Don't worry, be fluffy.

If it's almost lunchtime and you don't know what to cook, don't chicken out: our Soul Chicken will come to your rescue. You’ll be surprised to see how many different ways you can cook it!

If you love to knead – or would like to do it, but you’ve never dared to try – the Breaking bread chapter is perfect for you: breads and focaccias will have no more secrets, especially thanks to our tricks on leavening and baking.

Everyday is a perfect day to cook, but there's no doubt We love FRY-days more.

And if you want to beat everyone on time, Ready in 30 minutes will be your ally, with delicious and quick recipes that will surprise you and your guests. But without too much haste: you can’t leave the table before tasting the cake, so Cake it easy.

And when the desire for dessert just doesn't budge but you don’t want to turn on that oven, we will be ready to sing No oven, no cry together.

Not only recipes: in this cookbook you will also find exclusive contents, pictures and videos. Scad the QR codes you'll find in the book to see the video recipe on our website to follow the recipes step by step!

Our cookbook is available on Amazon in different versions: happy cooking to everyone!

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