Always Take Pictures Of Your Stove Before Traveling. Here’s Why

A fearful premonition that commonly comes with traveling is caused by recurring thoughts of things you may have left undone before leaving home. It may not be as drastic as forgetting a whole child at home (like in Home Alone!), but it can be just as mind-numbing. "Did I leave on the gas?" "Did I lock the doors?" These and many more race through your mind making you apprehensive throughout the journey. A travel expert says the ultimate hack for this is to take a picture!

By Cookist

There is nothing more foreboding than trying to remember if you did everything you should have dorm before setting out on a trip. That alone can make the journey a very tiring one as opposed to its exact purpose of relaxation.

Thus, the ingenious hack you should take pictures of particular areas of your home may bother you while you're traveling. Make this just as important as the act itself!

Sunil Metcalfe, a Europe travel expert at Black Tomato, says:

"Similar to forwarding your emails to your colleague or leaving your pet in the care of someone you trust, taking a picture of the locked back door, the closed garage door or unplugged appliance, allows you peace of mind to let go and be fully present." 


By doing this, you'll have enough proof to calm yourself when that nervousness that something terrible will happen to your home while you're away.

Even better, you can list important places to check alongside other crucial things like getting someone to take care of your pet. You can then make a mental note to take a picture of these then check out the to-do list.

No matter how careful you may be, there is always a possible chance that something may happen. However, you'll have enough evidence that it wasn't your mistake!

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