Are There Dangers If You Eat The Gills Of Portobello Mushrooms?

Portobello mushrooms are a staple in the vegetarian community as they make a delicious substitute for meat in burgers. These mushrooms are enormous and easy to grill because of their fleshy texture. These qualities make them an equal substitute for hamburger patties. But, there's rising concerns about the safety of eating the gills of portobello mushrooms.

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No matter how awesome something is, there are always downsides to it for certain people. While the portobello mushrooms have so much delight, there is a part of it some people consider a turn of. Inside the portobello mushroom cap are dark brown gills studded in it.

If you pay close attention on your next night out, you might find that the dark brown gills of the portobello mushrooms you're served at a restaurant have been removed. Many people have made this observation, resulting in a fast-rising concern whether the gills are poisonous and linked to certain illnesses.

The answer is no! Although there are numerous reasons as to why you should remove the dark brown gills found inside the cap of the Portobello Mushrooms, illnesses or dangers are not one of them; the reasons are majorly individual preferences.


According to the Foodies Family, all parts of the Portobello Mushroom are safe to eat, and most recipes do not require the removal of the gills found in the Portobello Mushroom cap. So, where does this controversy about Portobello's gills come from?

Why should the gills in the Portobello Mushroom cap be removed?

Since we see that the reasons people say these gills found in the Portobello Mushrooms should be removed are because of individual preferences, won't you want to know what those preferences are?

Well, removing the gills from Portobello Mushrooms ultimately depends on the look and taste. According to experts, leaving the gills on can make the food look dark and cloudy. Therefore, if you cherish your colorful dishes and you want them to retain their bright colors, you would need to remove the gills.

Portobello Mushroom gills can also alter the flavor of the dish. Fine Cooking advises that the gills in the Portobello Mushroom cap be removed because the gills are bitter and can hide other, potentially better flavors in the dish.


How to remove the gills in the Portobello Mushroom cap

The Portobello Mushroom gills are quite easy to take out. You can simply use a spoon to rub on the gills and scoop them out. This allows the Portobello Mushroom cap to be free of gills,  flavourful, and ready to prepare for grilling — stuffing and others.

Serious Eats recommends removing the Portobello Mushroom gills before storing them, as the gills are the first part of the mushroom to go bad. Also, always make sure to check thoroughly if the Portobello Mushroom has gone bad before going ahead to eat it.

The gills inside the cap of the Portobello Mushrooms do not pose any risk to one's health. However, removing it makes your dish look more colorful and bursting with taste. Removing the gills also makes the mushrooms last longer.

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