Avocado oil is among the most effective natural remedies to prevent wrinkles: it has very good regenerating and protective properties for face, body and hair care. This precious oil is obtained from the avocado pulp, through cold pressing of its fruits: the pure oil is dark green, rich and viscous, and it is used for food use in the kitchen, but it can also be subjected to refining, becoming yellow in color, and it can be used for cosmetic purposes. Avocado oil is usually used as a cosmetic, while the use in the kitchen is more infrequent. But let’s find out more about the properties of avocado oil and how to use it for our beauty and well-being.

Properties of avocado oil

Avocado is a fruit rich in fatty acids and nutrients, in fact its oil has innumerable properties for the beauty of skin and hair. The high content of oleic and palmitoleic acid gives this oil regenerating properties for the skin of the face and body: oleic acid provides a nourishing action, ideal for dry, dehydrated and dull skin, giving moisture and softness. Avocado oil also contains antioxidant substances such as phytosterols and carotenoids that act as natural anti-aging, slowing the formation of wrinkles and protecting the tissues. This precious oil also stimulates skin renewal, increasing hydration and elasticizing the skin. Avocado oil is also useful for treating diaper irritations, in the case of small burns or wounds and for treating sunburned skin: it penetrates deeply and it is quickly absorbed.

How to use avocado oil

In the cosmetic field avocado oil is used for its nourishing and regenerating properties: as a facial anti-wrinkle treatment and for dry skin it can be applied to the face in the evening, before going to bed: roll it out with circular movements from the chin to the forehead. Leave it to work all night and rinse with warm water in the morning. To reduce facial blemishes, apply avocado oil to the affected area, leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can also use avocado oil as a moisturizing body lotion: apply it immediately after a shower or bath, it will help keep the skin moisturized and deeply nourished. Avocado oil is also precious for the hair: in this case you can perform a treatment with hot oil, against itching, dandruff and dry hair. Heat the avocado oil slightly in a bain-marie, apply it on the hair and scalp, and massage. Leave it on all night and make a shampoo in the morning.

Side effects

The cosmetic use of avocado oil has no particular side effects, as it is generally well tolerated. Before using it on skin and hair, however, the advice is to test it first, to make sure you are not allergic: apply a small drop in the crook of the elbow or on your wrist and wait 24 hours. If you do not have allergic reactions, then you can use it. In case of problems such as psoriasis or eczema, consult your doctor before using it.