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Baileys Hot Chocolate Bombes Have Returned For Christmas

Some consider having a creamy glass of Baileys a festive rite of passage and the company has created multiple ways to enjoy their products during the holidays. One of those ways is the Baileys’ hot chocolate bombes and in this article we examine some details about it.

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The Baileys hot chocolate bombes were a big hit in 2021 and now it has been confirmed that they will return this year as well. The bombes sport outer shells made with velvety dark chocolate flavored with Baileys and filled with fluffy mini marshmallows.

How does this turn to hot chocolate? Easy, just pour hot milk over the bombe and watch as it dissolves, as if by magic, into a delicious, frothy drink you can enjoy. Baileys wrote on their website:

“Who fancies something really special? And we mean, REALLY special. Enjoy two of the greatest indulgences… chocolate and Baileys, in one decadent drink. Welcome to hot choccie heaven!”

What they call a three pack eights 130g and can be purchased for £7.99 on Amazon, Matalan and on other gifting websites like MenKind and Prezzybox. Note that the prices in Prezzybox so youit is advisable to shop around for the best bargain for you.

The Baileys chocolate bombes are not the only things you can look forward to enjoying in the festive period. Aldi’s chocolate orange flavored offering has been making waves for some time now and this may carry on into December.

It was made by Aldi’s alcohol brand, Ballycastle, and it costs £7.49 to purchase a 70cl bottle. The products are flavored with a filler most people enjoy and there are many other creme liqueur like it and Baileys’ Bombes.

The festivities will be made fun by then but we ask that you remember to drink responsibly!

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