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Baked Chicken Breast

Total time: 10 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 6 people
By Cookist
Chicken breasts
3 boneless and skinless
Olive oil
4 tbsp
Sea salt
1 tbsp
1/2 tsp
Dried basil
2 tbsp
Dried parsley
1 tbsp

Baking chicken is not only one of the healthiest ways to cook chicken but it's also one of the easiest when it comes to putting the recipe together. This simple baked chicken recipe highlights the flavor of the chicken itself by using very few ingredients. Bakes with some simple olive oil and spices, you will be amazed how great this dinner (or lunch!) tastes. And it's only 166 calories! You really can't go wrong with this recipe.

  • Cut the chicken breasts in half horizontally so that they are not very thick (after cutting the breast in half, the chicken should be about 1/2 of an inch thick). Place the chicken breasts in a large (about 9×13 inches) casserole dish
  • Rub the chicken breasts with the olive oil on both sides.
  • Sprinkle the chicken with the salt, pepper, basil and parsley.
  • Bake the chicken in a 375 ̊F oven for ten minutes. Remove the chicken from the oven and flip it over onto the other side. Return the chicken to the oven for another ten minutes.
  • Check to see if the chicken is cooked by slicing into the center of one of the chicken breasts. There should be no pink in the center and the meat should be all white. If you see any pink, return the chicken to the oven and cook until the pink is gone.
  • Serve the chicken while it is hot or allow it to cool in the refrigerator to use for a great chicken sandwich.


-You can season the chicken in an so many ways. Use Creole seasoning for a little extra bite, use cumin and turmeric for an Indian inspired chicken or try a lemon pepper seasoning for a lighter version. The possibilities are endless!
– Cut the chicken into strips before baking to reduce your cooking time and also make perfect chicken strips for a wrap sandwich!
– Store this chicken in the fridge for up to a week or wrap it tightly and store it in the freezer for up to one month.

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