Battered Fried Brussels Sprouts: the crispy, tasty side dish recipe

Total time: 30 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 6 people
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You might love or hate them, but Brussels Sprouts get way more bad publicity than they actually deserve. These miniature cabbages are from the same family as purple and green cabbage and are often served steamed, roasted, or boiled. These battered fried brussels sprouts are an easy side dish or appetizer.

All you need is some brussels sprouts, flour, salt, and sparkling water. Dip the blanched brussels sprouts in the batter and fry until golden. They become crispy and flaky on the outside, but tender and airy on the inside. This is such a quick and easy recipe and will definitely change the way you think about Brussels sprouts!

Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts Ingredients

Brussels Sprouts – preferably fresh brussels sprouts; you can use frozen brussels sprouts for this recipe. Just thaw them a little by pouring boiling water over them, and then squeezing out the excess moisture. If using frozen brussels sprouts, you can skip the boiling step.

Seasoning – a bit of salt and pepper is all you need.

Sparkling Water – when you add sparkling water to a batter, it creates bubbles which gives the brussels sprouts a lighter texture.

How To Make Battered Fried Brussels Sprouts

Wash the Brussels sprouts and add them to the boiling water to blanch them. Add the salt and boil for at least 10 minutes. Don’t skip the precooking step before frying them. It removes some of the bitterness in the brussels sprouts.

Make the batter by whisking together the flour, salt, and sparkling water. Use a fork or spoon to dip the brussels sprouts in the batter. Carefully lower them into the hot oil and fry until golden. Don’t overcook them, fry only until the batter is cooked. Use a sieve to lift them out of the oil and drain on paper towel.

Can You Flavor Battered Fried Brussels Sprouts With Beer? 

You can replace the sparkling water with beer. Beer provides carbon dioxide and alcohol, both of which helps to create a better batter. This creates a light batter that also stays crispy for longer.

Tips For Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts

You can precook the brussels sprouts in the microwave. Add to a bowl with a bit of water. Cover and microwave on high for 6-8 minutes until just tender. Drain on towel paper to dry before using.

To make sure the brussels sprouts keep their green color, dump them into cold water after blanching to prevent them from overcooking.

Serve the brussels sprouts with fried bacon bits and a drizzle of honey.

Don’t skip the blanching step, though, it removes some of the bitterness in the brussels sprouts.

How To Store Battered Fried Brussels Sprouts

Store leftover brussels sprouts in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

Brussels sprouts
350 g
a pinch
120 g (1 cup)
Sparkling water
150 ml (3/4 cup)
Oil for frying


Wash the Brussels sprouts and add them to the boiling water.

Add the salt and boil for at least 10 minutes.

Drain them.

In a bowl add the flour, salt, and sparkling water.

Mix well.

Dip each Brussels sprout in the batter.

Discard excess batter when pulling out Brussels sprouts.

Transfer the brussels sprouts to hot oil and fry for about 3-5 minutes.

Drain them.

Serve battered fried Brussels sprouts when hot. Enjoy!

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