The heat wave is an annual issue that the majority of people living on, the global warming struck, planet earth goes through. From consuming unpalatable yet cooling food ingredients to sipping on chilled beverages, people try really hard to save themselves from the harmful effects of heat. However, there is one beverage that you’d love to consume, which will surely save you from heatstroke.

The heat wave is pretty much an annual phenomenon in the tropics and European countries, particularly in the UK. While aerated beverages may tempt you to no limit, it is better that you stick to natural cooling foods that can save your body against the effects of heat stroke. Apart from sipping on to rose, you may cool yourself down with some chilled red wine as well.

Chilled red may not seem quite tempting to many but there are certain varieties of red wine that serves the purpose and tastes good too. Not all but the ones with less alcohol, soft tannins, and fruity flavor fits perfectly fine and the more they stay in the fridge the juicier and appetizing these will become.

Ideally, the red wines, if serving cold, should be refrigerated for 25 minutes or plunge them in to an ice bucket for 8 to 10 minutes before serving. Chill the glasses to serve these in a fancier way! You may opt for any of the following red wines to save yourself from the heat wave.

Vin Art Villanyi Portugieser. It tastes best when chilled for at least 30 minutes in the fridge and the best thing about this one is it isn’t too expensive as well.

Brown Brother’s Cienna 2016. This one is a bit fancy and practically tastes like a summer berry compote, which is served in a wine glass.


Bodegas Navajas Rioja Crianza 2013. This one has strong cherry flavors and tastes great with pasta dishes. Also, it is best to buy varieties of Rioja Crianza that have been aged for at least two years.

Pinot Noir. Craft 3’s Pinot Noir has subtle spicy notes, Beaujolais Villages is light and fresh, and both of these varieties are best enjoyed chilled.

Lambrusco. Sparkling Red Lambrusco and Tesco Finest Lambrusco Doc Frizzante are wonderful examples of sparkling reds that can be enjoyed with pasta dishes, cheese, and charcuterie.


Sweet wines. Bodegas Castano Hecula Monastrell is a delight to have chilled as the sweet and ripe fruity flavors in it come across brilliantly when it is enjoyed chilled with a BBQ meal. Frappato is also a good light alternative, which has a lovely aroma of fresh strawberries.

Tinto De Verano. This is for the ones who are not too keen on having red wines. Prepare this Spanish drink by mixing one part red wine with one part lemonade or lime soda. Top this concoction with some ice cubes, lemon slices or orange segments, and you have a delicious alternative to beat the heat.