Beer, cerveza, birra, bier: you can call it as you want but above all, from today, you can discover new truly original and useful uses! This time we do not want to just praise the taste and pleasure of the blonde (but also red or dark) drink most appreciated in the world, but give you some tips on how to reuse the so-called "bottle bottoms" or, in case there is nothing left over, some original advice to use it even outside bars and dinners with friends.
It may seem strange, but beer can do really well for many things: from the hair (on which it has quite famous effects) to the skin, until you get to the real construction of a house: read and believe it!

1 Gardening

The yeast contained in beer favors the growth of plants, just pour a couple of tablespoons of beer into the ground. Still in the garden, you can use beer as a remedy for snails. In this case, just place a saucer full of beer on the ground, near the "infested" plant (it goes very well even a box, those usually used for tuna). In this way you will attract the snails that will go away from the leaves and will end up drowned by hops, a substance that, strange to say, attracts them overbearingly. The container should be fixed to a centimeter or so below ground level, so that the mollusc may end up in it. To put it at the same level of the ground would mean to have offered a round of beer to the nice horned animal that, after quenching, can then return to conclude happy hour on your plant!

2 Cleaning of wooden furniture

Yes, beer can be used as a wax for wooden furniture: just moisten a microfibre cloth with a little beer and gently wipe the surface of your furniture. It seems that this simple operation is able to give splendor and make the color of the wood more vivid. Seeing is believing!

3 Stain removal and washing

The beer as stain remover seems to be really effective, especially if associated with sparkling water… but then rinse well to remove the smell from the clothes! Among other things, it is recommended to wash the cushions of people who suffer from insomnia: it seems that the scent that remains helps in fact to let go in the arms of Morpheus even to those who usually have sleeping problems!

4 Beauty treatment for hair

It is well known that a shampoo with beer will ensure your hair the volume and brightness you are looking for: it is advisable to pour a little on the hair after the first shampoo, massage and leave for a few minutes. Then rinse and proceed to comb as always: the hair will keep the hairstyle much better.

5 Footbath

Feet tired from the heat or too many hours sitting in the office? Do not worry, beer can also remedy this: prepare a footbath and you will see how the beloved blonde can give relief not only to your spirit but also to your feet!

6 Cleaning of jewels

An economic method, but also ecological, to polish the jewelry without resorting to  (expensive and polluting) chemicals is to dip rings and various jewelry in a bowl of beer (you do not know how long, so maybe try it first with something you are not fond of!) and then wipe them with a dry cloth.

7 Bath of beer

Okay, it may not seem very tempting, but actually adding a little beer to the water in your tub (even if we always recommend the shower rather than a bath!) will make your skin soft and hydrated thanks to the positive yeast effect. Again… do not forget to rinse!

8 Turn off a fire

The beer is mostly composed of water: for this it can be useful to extinguish small fires, such as those that may occur during roasting with friends or in the event of a car engine fires: just shake and spray, just as if was a small fire extinguisher!

9 To send away bees and wasps

Just place some containers with beer when we are having dinner outdoors with friends or if we are at the park for a picnic or a pool party: the annoying insects will be attracted by the scents and sweet smell and will leave us in peace!

10 Batter for frying

Much lighter than the batter made with milk, the beer batter is especially suitable for frying vegetables, because it remains more compact and forms a layer around the food, which will be fried without coming into direct contact with the boiling oil.