Beet Cured Salmon: the easy seafood recipe

Total time: 30 min + resting time
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 12 people
By Cookist
fresh salmon fillet
50 g (1/4 cup)
50 g (1/4 cup)
Cayenne pepper
1/2 tsp

Looking for an easy recipe that’s much better than the store-bought variation? Then look no further than this Beet Cured Salmon! Salmon gravlax is a Nordic dish consisting of salmon cured in a sugar and salt mixture. In this recipe, we added beet, which results in vibrant color.

It’s perfect when you want to serve something fancy instead of classic canapés. These little bites with their modern twist are full of salmon flavor and have a fresh texture. It is sure to leave your guests impressed and wanting more! While it looks like it’s complicated to make, it’s rather easy, so make sure to check out the steps below!


What Is Cured Salmon?

Cured salmon is not a new concept. It’s one of the earliest forms of food preservation. It also changes the taste and texture of the foods, resulting in a tasty piece of fish—hence the reason why we’re still curing foods today! It’s another way to consume salmon instead of cooking it or eating it raw. So the question is, is cured salmon raw? Technically, yes, because it’s not cooked. But the curing process kills all bacteria making it safe to eat…it’s the same as salami or prosciutto!

There are different ways of preparing salmon these days…lox, gravlax, and smoked, and while they may look similar, there are differences. Lox is cured using primarily salt, while gravlax is made with a mixture of salt, sugar, and herbs (usually dill). Smoked salmon is cured and smoked, resulting in a firm, flaky texture. Lox will taste salty, while gravlax will have a fishier taste.


Beet Cured Salmon Ingredients

Salmon – use fresh salmon, not frozen.

Sugar – granulated sugar.

Salt – use kosher salt.

Beet – the beet adds a beautiful color and also gives the salmon a slight beet flavor.

How To Make Beet Cured Salmon

Mix together the brining mixture of salt, sugar, and pepper. Use a gauze, cheesecloth, or kitchen towel and lay it in a large pan. Sprinkle with the brining spice. Place the salmon fillet on top. Spread the grated beet on top of the fillet and sprinkle with more of the seasoning. Wrap with more gauze and then add another layer of plastic wrap.

Put gauze or towel onto the pan sprinkle prepared mixture onto it, then put salmon fillet onto it, grate the beet and sprinkle the rest of the mixture. Cover and fridge for 1-3 days.

How To Serve Beet Cured Salmon

Because it’s such a colorful dish, it’s perfect for serving it to guests. Serve on small bruschetta with a dollop of horseradish cream. Add a few capers and sprigs of dill to round it off.



For more flavor, you can add any of the following: coriander seeds, allspice berries, juniper berries, lemon zest, or grated ginger. You can also add vodka or gin for added flavor. These will go great with coriander seed.

Don’t swap the kosher salt for table salt. Table salt usually contains iodine which will react with the salmon and make it brown!

How To Store Cured Salmon

The salmon will keep in the fridge for up to 5 days. 

If you used fresh salmon, you can freeze the cured salmon for up to 3 months.


In a bowl mix together salt, sugar, and pepper.

Sprinkle the prepared mixture onto a pan lined with gauze or cheesecloth.

Place the salmon fillet on top.

Grate the beet over the salmon fillet.

Sprinkle with the rest of the mixture.

Cover with the gauze, then another layer of plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 1-3 days.

Slice thinly and serve.


This Cured Salmon is perfect for making ahead of time—making it a perfect canape!

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