Read on to know about the best ways to get sparkling clean and hygienic kitchen floors!

The kitchen floor is undoubtedly the most used area of any household. This means it is also quite prone to accumulate dust as many people tend to frequent this region of the house all through the day. That’s not all kitchen floors usually get dirtied by the bits and crumbs of food, spills and food stains, and by other food products which are used in cooking and this mess surprisingly keeps on getting accumulated even if you clean it all every day.


The best way to get rid of any food stains and marks on the kitchen floor is to go for a deep cleaning session. Here are certain ways in which you can thoroughly clean the kitchen floor.

Hardwood floor

Sweep or vacuum the hardwood floor to get rid of the general dirt and this can be later followed up mopping of this area as well. Mix a teaspoon of castile soap with 10 drops of any essential oil and transfer this in a 24oz. spray bottle. Add enough warm water to fill up the bottle and then lightly spray this mixture on to the floor. Wipe the hardwood floor with a clean microfiber cloth to make it clean and hygienic again.

Tile floor

Mop the dirty tile floor with any good all-purpose floor cleaner mixed with some warm water. You must avoid the use of any acidic ingredient such as ammonia to clean the tiles as it can discolor the kitchen grout.