Summer is approaching and you want to lose weight before facing the swimsuit test? All you have to do is try a diet plan. The baby food diet, the blue lenses diet, the cabbage soup diet: let’s see the most bizarre food diet plans in the world.

Summer is approaching and there are many people who, worried about the swimsuit test, try every kind of diet, even the most extreme ones, hoping to lose some weight. Also if they promise results guaranteed in no time, some diets are really bizarre. The baby food diet, the Bible diet, the blue lenses diet: let’s see the strangest diets in the world.

1. The baby food diet

The baby food is no longer used only by children, in fact there are many people who follow the so-called "baby food diet". They eat all kinds of food, but just in a baby food form for up to 16 jars a day. Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Lady Gaga are just some of the stars who have tried this diet having countless benefits.

2. The diet of cabbage soup

Experts call it "faxlore" and it is the diet based on cabbage soup that became very popular in the Eighties. It promises a drastic weight loss in just seven days, as long as you only eat soup with assorted cabbages, preferably spicy. However, the doctors condemn it because it is not characterized by balanced nutritional values ​​and because it causes the loss of water and not of fat.

3. Paleo diet

The Paleolithic diet consists in going back to the time of the cavemen from the food point of view. Consuming only lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots and nuts, it would be possible to fight diseases and stay thin. The products to avoid? Cereals, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar and processed oils.

4. Visual diet of blue lenses

This is one of the most bizarre diets in the world as it requires you to wear glasses with blue lenses every time you eat. The reason is very simple: the blue color was designed to make the food less attractive and to avoid exaggeration. The glasses are called "Blue Shade Glasses" and could even inhibit the appetite.

5. The Biblical diet 

 This diet is based on the idea that there are forbidden and unclean dietary regimes according to the word of God. This diet was promoted by Jordan S. Rubin, who says she recovered from Crohn's disease thanks to this diet. Every day begins and ends with prayers of thanksgiving, healing and petition, things also recommended whenever hunger is felt. The consumption of pork and fish must also be limited.

6. The Shangri-La Diet

Shangri-La is the imaginary country where everyone is happy, as told in the novel "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton. According to the diet inspired by this place you can eat whatever you want, as long as you listen to your body and stop when you really feel full. You also need to drink 100-400 calories of extra virgin olive oil or water and sugar in two hours, during which time you should not have contact with any other flavor.

7. The Fletcherizing diet

In this diet you must completely chew the food you eat before swallowing it. It is also essential to lean the head backwards so that the morsel can slide down the throat. Any morsels that do not slip in the stomach should be spat away. According to the Fletcher method, liquids must also be chewed and, as if this were not enough, it is advisable not to eat anything when feeling angry or sad.

8. The seven color diet

This diet is inspired by the "Savor the Spectrum" program of the National Cancer Institute and it is important to emphasize the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption. In particular, foods of a single color should be consumed every day, from white on Monday to purple on Saturday, the rainbow is instead granted only once a week.

9. Sleep Diet

The sleep diet is based on taking sleeping pills, useful not to eat. If you sleep, in fact, you do not consume food but it is clear that this is a decidedly unhealthy diet.

10. The Beverly Hills Diet

It was created by Judy Mazel and allows you to lose weight by eating foods in the right combinations and in the correct order. You can consume any type of food, the important thing is never to combine proteins and carbohydrates. You must also eat the fruit first and, after at least two hours, the other foods. Following a precise pattern, you can lose 11 kilograms in 35 days.