Black garlic keeps all the properties of the garlic almost intact and in some ways it succeeds in further enhancing them. All this has been confirmed by some scientific researches that have seen how this fermented product has something more than the common white garlic:

  • Black garlic has a greater quantity of antioxidants
  • Black garlic is rich in calcium and protein
  • Black garlic contains much more phosphorus
  • Black garlic has strong anticancer qualities
  • Black garlic reduces cholesterol thanks to the presence of a substance known as S-Allyl cysteine
  • Black garlic keep your blood sugar level at bay
  • Black garlic contains less allicin (the substance responsible for the characteristic smell and strong taste of garlic)

This last point can be considered an advantage, since it greatly reduces the unwanted effects of eating garlic and thus allows the consumption of this food even to those who usually stayed away from it. Actually, allicin is a very important substance, which gives this tuber its main antibacterial properties. A “shortcoming”, therefore, that can be considered at the same time a disadvantage of black garlic compared to garlic that we usually consume every day.

Black garlic: where to buy it
Some time ago the black garlic was really hard to find, but now it is spreading more and more even in the common supermarkets, but it is still even easier to buy it in organic shops or exotic food shops. It is also available in some online shops where you can buy both garlic to use in the kitchen and the capsules or tablets for a more targeted healthy action (always ask your doctor for advice before taking natural supplements).