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Black Russian: the cocktail recipe that stands the test of time

Total time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 1 person
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The Black Russian is an old cocktail made of vodka and coffee liqueur. It's so quick and easy that makes it the perfect cocktail to serve in any occasion, whether it's an aperitif with friends or a delicate digestive to enjoy after dinner. The strong flavor of vodka is balanced by the sweetness of kahlua, a very fragrant coffee-based liqueur. Despite its simplicity and the small number of ingredients, the Black Russian cocktail contains a high alcohol content, so don’t be fooled by its sweetness, be careful with this cocktail.

How to make Black Russian

Take an old fashioned glass and fill it with three ice cubes.

Stir with the long cocktail spoon to cool the glass evenly and eliminate any excess water.

Pour vodka, add kahlua-type coffee liqueur and mix gently. Serve and enjoy!


To prepare a great Black Russian it is important that the vodka and coffee liqueur are of excellent quality.

You can serve your Black Russian with a few squares of extra dark chocolate.

The perfect glass for making Black Russian is the old fashioned type.


The most known and appreciated variant of the Black Russian is the White Russian in which a part of milk cream is added to the vodka and kahlua. It's a delicious cocktail with a sweet flavor, definitely worth trying!

You can also try the version with coke. Just make a regular Black Russian and then top with coke for a more sparkling drink.


The Black Russian was created in 1949 by the bartender Gustave Tops who prepared it in Brussels to welcome Ambassador Mesta who was in town for an official visit. The same ambassador inspired the protagonist of the Broadway comedy "Call me madam" in 1950. The name Black Russian derives from the black color of coffee and the Russian origins of vodka.

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