Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Had This Dessert Bar At Their Wedding

Blake Lively doesn't only have a knack for acting, she does an exquisitely fine job at baking too! The famous actress put her love for baking sweet treats on full display with a fine assortment of delicious treats she curated for her private wedding ceremony. Read on for more interesting deets about the specially curated bar.

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The dessert bar was befitting of a celebrity ceremony as it held a very wide range of flavor options, and so ideal for every palate present. Lively reportedly ordered mini chocolate ganache-filled bundt cakes, as well as s'mores bars, which helped add an atmosphere much like a campfire to the event.

The American star also added several other local options, getting blueberry and cheesecake tartlets as well as mini strawberry shortcakes from Charleston spot Caviar & Bananas.

For the sweet tooth gracing the wedding, the exquisite bar featured chilled treats in the form of popsicles that held sweet sayings from Charleston-based vendor, King of Pops.


And for people with a distinctive palate and love for coffee, Lively added coffee-and-cream espresso beans as well as a large glass jar and an adorable terrarium filled with colorful, dainty macarons.

It was indeed a dessert bar like no other and it is hard to miss the thoughtfulness and delicacy that went into every dessert included. Reports claim that Lively couldn't manage the creation alone so, she reached out to Martha Stewart, who is an iconic figure in the food industry.

Stewart, who also resides near Lively and her actor husband in Bedford, N.Y., was more than delighted to help finalize details on the dessert bar, thus realizing Lively's dreams of a sophisticated dessert bar that would cater to every guest's needs.

Sounds like the stuff of dreams!

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