We have been hearing a lot of rubbish regarding food and food products since ages. People somehow label their personal food experiences as a stigma and spread false notion everywhere. It is time that you must know the truth about food.

Here is a list of a few common myths that are popular in the world of food.

  • Red wine is great for your heart health. Even though red wine has antioxidants but that does not deter the fact that red wine is an alcohol and consuming more than two servings a day may negatively impact your heart health.
  • Organic food products are nutritionally better than the conventional ones. Organic food products are helpful to protect the environment but studies report that they offer no nutritional advantage over the conventionally grown products. Also, there are no studies to have definite proof against the harmful effect of chemicals that we ingest with produce grown by conventional farming methods.
  • A grilled chicken sandwich is healthier than a burger. That fact is, grilled chicken sandwich contains more calories and higher sodium content than a plain hamburger. According to a recent study, people who consumed about 5oz. of lean beef daily on a healthy diet reported a similar reduction in cholesterol level to those who consumed less beef.
  • Wheat is a forbidden food. Wheat is a source of many vital nutrients and boosts serotonin level in your brain that makes you feel happy and satisfied. People who do not consume wheat may feel unsatisfied and may end up snacking more often than usual leading to an increase in their body weight.
  • Sprinkling less salt reduces sodium level. Salt is not the only source of sodium in your diet and it is vital to keep a check on the consumption of processed food, outside food, and food containing preservatives.
  • Raw veggies are the healthiest. Cooking is known to increase the nutritional value of vegetables such as cooking increases lycopene content in tomato, beta carotene in corn and carrots, and increases antioxidant content in foods with the fibrous cell wall.
  • Brown eggs are healthier than white. Brown eggs have the same nutritional break down as white eggs as they simply are popped from a different breed of hen.
  • Sugar is better than high fructose corn syrup. Actually, high fructose corn syrup is biochemically no different from sucrose or table sugar as it contains same calories and is processed by the body in the same way as sugar.
  • Fried food leads to weight gain. Foods that are properly deep fried soak up minimal oil as the moisture in food evaporates leading to the building of steam pressure that blocks entry of oil in to the food product. Ideally, oil should be between the temperature of 325 to 350 degrees F for larger piece and 375 to 400 degrees F for smaller food items.
  • Eating plenty of fruits help to reduce weight. Even though fruits are rich in vitamins and fiber they still pack plenty of calorie and sugar. Ideally, one should consume four servings of fruit a day along with any protein source to get better results.