Breast cancer is a disease that affects an incredible number of women each year. To prevent it, you need to take care of your diet. Here are the foods to be eliminated from the diet.

October is the month of breast cancer prevention, a disease that affects over 220,000 women in the United States each year. To minimize the risk of incurring a similar pathology, you must begin to monitor your diet. A healthy diet and lifestyle are the most effective tools to treat health, limiting the appearance of all types of diseases. Here are the foods that all women should eliminate from their diet to prevent the appearance of breast cancer.

1. Animal fats – Animal fats increase the risk of 40-50% breast cancer, especially in menopausal women. We must therefore limit the consumption of products of animal origin, such as meat, eggs, but also butter, lard and marine oils.

2. Dairy products – Dairy products contain a high amount of fat, they increase estrogen levels and therefore the risk of breast cancer. The advice is to not exaggerate with dairy products, so as to reduce the chances of contracting the disease by 24%.

3. Alcohol – To consume two or more drinks a day is bad for your health for many reasons, but above all it increases the risk of developing breast cancer by 40%. It is better to prefer a sober lifestyle or at best opt ​​for some low-graded drinks.

4. Salt – To prevent the appearance of cancer, you must limit the consumption of salt and food preserved in salt. You should consume no more than 5 grams of salt per day.

5. Mold contaminated foods – Cereals and legumes are good products to keep healthy, but they are often contaminated with mold. We must therefore make sure to keep them in good condition, avoiding hot and humid environments.

6. Canned products – Canned products are absolutely to be eliminated from your diet. They contain chemical preservatives that put your health at risk. So it is better to always opt for fresh products.

7. Frying – Frying food is one of the best things you can eat and taste, but at the same time it is extremely harmful. In fact, frying creates carcinogens because of its high temperature.

8. Broth Additive – Glutamate is among the most harmful ingredients for your health. It can be found in Parmesan cheese and in products used to flavor food. Not only does it not contain any nutrients, but it is also excessively rich in protein.

9. Sausages – Sausages can put women's health at risk, especially those of industrial and long-term production. We must therefore avoid consuming them too often.

10. White sugar – To prevent cancer, avoid consuming too sweet and sugary foods. Insulin is the hormone produced by our body in response to an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood. When its levels are too high, the growth of cancer cells is promoted. We must therefore reduce the consumption of white sugar and choose, to sweeten, the barley malt, apple juice or raisins.