Bûche chocolate mousse: the no-bake dessert that everyone will love

An incredible recipe to prepare a mousse cake.

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Just 5 ingredients to prepare this unique dessert that everyone will adore.

Ingredients: 2 white chocolate ice cream; 1 l cream liquid; 70 gr icing sugar; 250 gr chocolate; 300 ml melted chocolate.



1) In a large bowl mix together cream, icing sugar and chocolate;

2) When you have a mousse, the batter is ready;

3) In a baking tray spread the mousse, put the ice cream and cover with other mousse;

4) Refrigerate for about 4 hours;

5) Melt the chocolate and pour on the dessert, let it cool.

Enjoy and serve!

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Ingredients: For the Toffee Layer: 170g Toasted Peanuts; 350g Toffee sauce. For the Mouse Filling Filling: 700ml Cream; 200g Dark chocolate; 1 Tbsp Cocoa; 50g Butter; 150g Condensed milk. For Chocolate Glaze: 300g Dark chocolate; 30g Butter.



Wet a piece of Baking Parchment and use it to line a 21cm springform tin. Combine the peanuts and toffee sauce, it helps to heat the toffee sauce a little to loosen it up.  Add the Toffee nut mix to the lined pan and then freeze for an hour. Add the 200g of dark chocolate, 500ml of cream, 50g butter, and the cocoa and then cook until melted, before allowing to cool. Whisk the cream for the mousse filling then fold in the condensed milk. Pour in the chocolate cream we made and again slowly fold in. Pour this mix over the toffee and freeze overnight. Melt the chocolate and butter for the glaze over a double boiler and allow to cool. Remove the cake from the freezer and flip upside down so that the toffee layer is on top. Pour over the cooled chocolate glaze. Return the finished cake to the freezer for at least 1 hour.

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