"Although our bananas are excellent, we agree that they are not worth so much", the company apologized. The error would be due to a problem in the computer system.

Shopping online has become a huge convenience. However, it can also reserve unpleasant surprises, as can be confirmed by an English housewife who has been charged a banana at the cost of over one thousand euros. Mrs. Bobbie Gordon, from Sherwood, Nottingham, was shocked when she saw that that piece of fruit worth 11p would have cost her £ 930.11 (€ 1083). The woman, as reported by the Bbc, immediately contacted the bank to block the payment that would have been credited to her credit card. The woman then let it be known that the supermarket chain involved, the Asda, called her to apologize and declared that it was a "computer error".

"Actually, I did not think they would charge me, because I received an automatic message from my credit card fraud department that interrogated me about the transaction. I also joked with my seven-year-old daughter that she really had to enjoy that banana.You must love every morsel of it!". Mrs. Gordon added: "Asda called and apologized by phone, they said immediately that it was a computer error and they were very sorry that it was not detected in their system" A spokeswoman for Asda said: "Although our bananas are excellent we agree that they are not worth so much and that clearly there was a problem in the system", thanking for "keeping an eye open and reporting this error on which we are investigating to make sure that do not happen again", the company said.