• avocados 2
  • Spring onions 2
  • handful of fresh parsley
  • Lemon 1
  • large cucumber 1
  • shrimp, raw and peeled 250 gr
  • cooking oil 1 tbsp
  • Cajun seasoning 1 tbsp

If you’re looking for a quick, spicy alternative to the classic prawn cocktail, then look no further. Cajun Shrimp Canapés are an easy and quick appetizer recipe… not to mention super tasty. Perfect for a party, game day, or even for a family dinner. Sliced cucumbers are topped with mashed avocado and spring onions, and rounded off with Cajun shrimp. The spicy shrimp flavor goes well with the creaminess of the avocado and the crunch of the cucumber. You can serve them cold, so they’re perfect to make ahead. Ready to impress your guests? Then make these Cajun Shrimp Bites today!

What are Canapés?

A canape (pronounced can-a-PAY) is a type of hors d’oeuvre, a small finger food usually eaten at parties or events. Canapes are more specific though. The name actually comes from a term used for “sofa”, because the toppings are “sitting” on a solid base, much like a person would “sit on a sofa”. Because of this, canapes have to have the following elements:

A solid base – this can be a piece of cucumber (like in our recipe), a crostini, cracker, or even a pastry shell.

A flavorful spread is added, this can be avocado mash (like our recipe), mayonnaise, cream cheese, or even butter.

It’s then topped with meat, seafood, or even a vegetable. For our recipe, we used Cajun shrimp.

Tips for the Best Cajun Shrimp Bites

– If you want to amp up the flavor, add finely chopped cilantro instead of parsley, and lime juice instead of lemon juice to the avocado mixture.

– You can make the separate elements ahead of time and then assemble them before serving. Slice the cucumber and store it in the fridge (in an airtight container). The avocado mixture can be stored in a bowl and covers with plastic wrap. You can also cook the shrimp and store it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

How to store Cajun Canapés

Store the canapes on a tray covered with plastic wrap in the fridge before serving. You can also store the separate elements in the fridge, just make sure to keep it all covered.

How to make Cajun Shrimp Canapés

Slice the avocados in half. Remove the flesh from the avocados.

Slice the spring onions.

Chop the parsley.

Add the avocado, parsley, and spring onions to a bowl and add the juice from half of the lemon, and season with salt and pepper.

Mash this avocado mix with the back of a fork to make a rough paste.

Chop your cucumber into rounds around 4-5mm thick.

Add the shrimp to a small mixing bowl.

Add the cooking oil and Cajun spicing to the shrimp and mix to coat. NB: If your Cajun seasoning has salt and pepper do not add any more to the shrimp, if it does not then season here.

Heat a pan over high heat and fry the shrimp for 2 minutes on each side, or until cooked.

Finally assemble with a piece of cucumber topped with the avocado mixture.

Top with the fried shrimp.


Using a large cucumber, the recipe will yield about 15-20 bites, depending on the thickness of the cucumber slices.

Don’t overcrowd the pan when cooking the shrimp, this will create steam and you won’t develop a nice char on the shrimp.