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Chantilly Cream: the easy French recipe for a making crème chantilly

Total time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 10 people
By Cookist
heavy cream, chilled
400 g
Powdered sugar
40 g
vanilla bean

Chantilly cream is a French recipe used for decorating and filling desserts. Known as crème chantilly, it's made of heavy cream, sugar and flavored with vanilla. It's a sweeter, richer version of whipped cream as it adds vanilla.

With only three ingredients you can make a light, fluffy vanilla chantilly cream, tall as the Castle of Chantilly, hence the name. Use this sweet cream as you want, as topping, frosting or filling for your favorite desserts such as sponge cakes, layered cakes, pies, and tarts – it's up to you.

Chantilly Cream vs. Whipped Cream

Basically, chantilly cream is a sweetened cream always flavored with vanilla. On the other hand, whipped cream is usually unflavored or just lightly sweetened. You can use both as topping or filling of pastries and desserts.

Tips for making Vanilla Chantilly Cream

Make sure to use cold ingredients in order to prevent the chantilly cream from melting.

To halve the time, you can use vanilla extract instead of the vanilla bean.

If you have to fill a cake with Chantilly cream, put it in the fridge at least two hours before serving it.

You can even flavor it with chocolate flakes, hazelnuts, citrus fruit or a tablespoon of liqueur.

How to store Chantilly Cream

You can store chantilly cream in a bowl covered with cling film for a few hours. Don't wait too long before using otherwise it will melt.

How to Make Chantilly Cream

Pour the cold heavy cream in a large bowl 1.

Incise the vanilla bean with a pointed knife, cutting it over the length. Scrape the inside of the vanilla bean to pick the seeds, and then add them and the bean to the cream 2.

Add the sifted powdered sugar. Using a hand mixer on high speed, start by whipping the cream 3.

Go on beating until soft peaks form 4

Use the chantilly cream as topping or filling for desserts. Chill the remaining cream 5.

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