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Check Out 10 Food Myths That You’d Otherwise Argue Are Factual!

There are many myths surrounding food. This ranges from sayings like consuming vitamin C "keeps the cold away" to the misconception that red wine is the only good alcohol. Surprisingly, people don't even consider these sayings myths because they mostly seem logical. Well, this article will identify some of these myths and provide reasons they are untrue!

By Cookist


1. Eating celery will help you burn more calories than you consume


According to Mayo Clinic, this is a food myth. It is untrue that this vegetable contains "negative" calories. Findings have shown that a stalk contains about ten calories with a cup of chopped celery containing about 16 calories!

However, this doesn't make celery any less healthy for consumption. Much like every other vegetable, celeries are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

2. Eggs contain a high level of cholesterol so you must avoid them


This myth has been proven untrue by researchers who conducted a study in 2018 and found that eggs are rich in numerous nutrients – not cholesterol!

You can, therefore, consider them a cheap source for your proteinous needs. They also contain essential minerals like zinc and iron, antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamin D, etc.

Keep cholesterolemia at bay by monitoring the amount of saturated fat in your diet!

3. Lessen the fat (and calories) in chicken by peeling off the skin before cooking


If you do the above, you are going to sap your chicken of its juicy nutrients. This is the only part of this saying that is untrue.

The other about chicken skin containing a lot of calories and fat is indeed true. However, cooking your chicken with the skin and then removing it afterward is best as it prevents the juices from running during the cooking process.

4. Vitamin C can keep you from catching a cold


According to research, consuming vitamin C, regardless of the quantity you use, will not protect you from colds!

However, one crucial finding regarding the consumption of vitamin C is that it may be useful to athletes as it increased test subjects' tolerance to the enormous stress they experience during high impact activities.

5. Consume fewer carbs for better health


This is also an untrue saying. In 2016, researchers discovered that people (regardless of their sex) who consumed foods that contained many carbs like whole grains have lower chances of suffering heart disease.

They also had lesser chances of developing important chronic diseases, thus, increasing their longevity.

6. Avoid nuts; they are as bad as junk food!


This is yet another myth that has been countered by researchers. Nuts are recognized by health practitioners as healthy foods.

A 2018 study in Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases reports that regularly consuming nuts of any kind protects people from .

7. It is only red wine that is good for the human body


Red wine is the one alcohol drink that never gets terrible comments, but this saying isn't true. Red wine is NOT the only alcohol that is good for your health.

New studies report that ethanol, which is the base source of all alcohol, is what raises the levels of good cholesterol. It prevents heart disease and stroke by reducing clotting factors.

If that's true, then basically all alcohol (when taken in little quantities) is good for the health.

8. Cranberry juice can cure an infection of the urinary tract


To date, there is no substantial proof that cranberry juice or its supplements can effectively rid your body of infections, whether it is of the urinary tract or not.

However, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published reports that cranberry juice can prevent UTI because its constituents prevent bacteria that may enter the bladder from sticking and eating into the bladder wall.

9. Margarine contains fewer calories than butter



If you want to eat fewer calories, then scrap eating any of these two because they have about the same amount of calories.

Margarine is, however, considered healthier than butter because the latter contains saturated fats. You should, however, note that some kinds of margarine may be unhealthy because they contain trans fats!

10. You can get stomach ulcer from consuming spicy foods


An ulcer is caused by the consumption of certain medications and, most commonly, the helicobacter pylori bacteria.

However, if you have a history of ulcers or currently suffer one, you should monitor the amount of spicy food you consume.

Overall, always get the facts right when confronted with common sayings about food. You'd agree that this is one article that is worth sharing with your loved ones.

Stay healthy!

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