Prepare this original and fun vertical vanilla cake that will surprise you when you cut it! You will not believe how it is done!


– Egg yolks 2

– Sugar 10 g

– Vanilla extract 2 g

– Milk 30 g

– Vegetable oil 15 g

– Cake flour 30 g

– Baking powder 1 g

– Egg whites 2

– Sugar 30 g

– Corn strach 2 g

– Whipped cream 200 g

– Sugar 10 g

– Melted white chocolate 55 g

– Chopped cherries

– Whipped pink cream 120 g ( with red food colorong )

– Sugar 12 g

– Whipped cream for decorating

– Cherry


In a bowl mix together egg yolks, sugar and vanilla. Then add milk and vegetable oil also add baking powder with cake flour. Mix in meringue ( egg white + sugar +corn strach).

Pour this dought mixture into prepared baking tray, bake at 180 ‘ C for 13 minutes. Bake one more time in the same steps to make 2 sheets.

In a bowl whipe the cream, mix in melted white chocolate and chopped cherries.

Crop the ends of the dough and cut from it three equal parts. Put the dough pieces in the line and lay out the cream mixture on to the dought. Roll the dough out from left to the right side continue with others pieces. When finish rolling wrap the dough with a food film. Refrigerate for 1 gour.

Then smudge the cake with whipped pink cream ( whipping cream + sugar + red food coloring )

Decorate with white whipped cream the cake and put the cherries on it.

Serve and enjoy!