Chestnut Salad: the super quick, easy recipe made of chestnuts

Total time: 15 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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This chestnut salad is a simple and ideal side dish that brings to your table all the flavors and aromas of the fall. It is a great idea to make use of this seasonal fruit and it can be an original side dish for a family meal or a dinner with friends.

Crunchy, slightly bitter endive is paired with the sweetness of the chestnuts and the sapidity of the feta, while the nuts and the croutons will provide a crunchy note to your dish. This salad is ideally paired with meaty or seafood mains or, if served in small glasses, it can become a trendy finger food idea for parties and buffets.

You can customize this salad as you want. Follow our step-by-step recipe and, if you like sweet chestnuts, don’t miss our chestnut strudel.


You can substitute the feta with some gorgonzola, or ricotta cheese.

Instead of the Belgian endive, you can add a different kind of salad.

You can also add sliced green apples and a thin layer of honey, for a bittersweet dish.

How to store Chestnut Salad

This salad can be stored unseasoned in a sealed container in the refrigerator for a day; once seasoned, it is best not to store it.

boiled chestnuts
150 g
80 g
Feta cheese
100 g
whole wheat bread
40 g
30 g
15 g
kalamata olives
15 g
Extra virgin olive oil

How to make Chestnut Salad

Dice the bread.

Toast the bread on an oiled non-stick pan until it turns golden brown. Set aside for later use.

On the same pan, toast the chestnuts (boiled beforehand) with a drizzle of oil for around 5 minutes.

Dice the feta.

Add the endive leaves to the toasted chestnuts in a bowl.

Add the crushed nuts.

Add the Greek feta.

Finally, add a mix of black and green olives.

Season with salt, pepper and oil. Complete with the bread croutons.

Mix and add rosemary. Your chestnut salad is ready to be served!

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