Chicken stuffed cheesy garlic bread: a rich, simple and mouthwatering meal

Pizza stuffed rolls, so delicious!

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Make some holes on the bread, stuff it and enjoy this incredible dish.

Ingredients: 1 package Hawaiian Rolls; 2 tbsp of butter; 1 tbsp of chopped garlic; 1 tbsp of chopped basil; 1 chicken breast (cubed); ½ tbsp of salt; ½ tbsp of pepper, ½ tbsp of oregano; Flour; Egg; Tomato Sauce; Mozzarella.



1) Cut the hawaiian rolls with a knife and push the bread down;

2) Brush the rolls with melted butter, mixed with garlic and basil. (Brush the inside too);

3) Add 1 tablespoon of tomato in each rolls;

4) Place a mozzarella slice in each rolls too;

5) Put the chicken in a large bowl and add salt, pepper and oregano. Mix and combine together;

6) Beat the eggs;

7) Put the chicken in the flour and then in the eggs; cook in a pan;

8) Place the chicken cubes into the rolls, cover with tomato sauce and mozzarella;

9) Bake at 350°F (175°) for 20 minutes.

Serve and enjoy!

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