This vegan chocolate mousse is every chocolate lover’s dream. With only 3 ingredients, it couldn’t be easier to make. And th e aquafaba gives this delicious vegan dessert the most amazing fluffy texture. 
The liquid from canned chickpeas (and other canned pulses) contains a magic protein called aquafaba that mimics egg white in recipes like mayonnaise and aioli, meringues and even this amazing chocolate mousse – making it ideal for vegans, those with an egg allergy, or anyone who wants to save money and avoid food waste. Use the chickpeas to make hummus or in a salad.


200ml Chickpea water

200g dark chocolate

cocoa biscuits


lemon juice



1. Whip the chickpea water, then add lemon juice and sugar.

2. Add dark chocolate and mix.

3. Put the mousse in a glass with cocoa biscuits.

4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Serve and enjoy!