It looked like a scene straight out of iconic fantasy films, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" when the chocolate dust flew through the air, leaving some parts of the Swiss town covered in the sweet treat.

The Lindt & Spruengli company later came forward to announce that a slight malfunction in their industry caused the happening. They further shared that what many people labeled chocolate dust was one of their products, chocolate nibs, which is ground cocoa beans.

Things escalated when strong winds caused the powdery chocolate deity about town settling on cars and buildings. The incident was "completely harmless to people or the environment," but the company publicly offered to pay for anyone who needs to clean their properties.

So far, no one has requested that. Instead, many have accepted the incidence as a pleasant surprise and perhaps a distraction from the many things wrong with 2020.

Thankfully, with very little to no harm is done to the factory and its surrounding areas, production has resumed again. Still, reports of the happening continue to make the rounds on the internet.

Pictures of the town covered in chocolate were posted on the town's social media page and soon garnered many likes and shares from netizens.

Considering how tumultuous the year has been, it is no surprise that the reports have generated positivity on social media platforms.

In a jolly mood, the Lindt company took to Twitter saying.

"Whoops! We made it snow chocolate dust around our factory in Switzerland. The vents are fixed now, but we have a few ideas for Christmas."

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