The chocolate frosting is the ideal preparation for covering or filling your desserts: cakes like the Sachertorte, semifreddo, profiteroles, biscuits, but also cupcakes, muffins, donuts, every dessert can become something special. Preparing the chocolate frosting is really simple: you will need only dark chocolate and a syrup made with water and sugar. To obtain a shiny and fluid frosting it is important to carefully follow the steps and blend continuously to bring it to the right consistency, in this way you will prepare the perfect frosting to cover each cake and which will be not too much hard, but it will remain soft to the cut. Once ready, the chocolate frosting can be used immediately, slightly warmed, or preserved and used to decorate other desserts.

How to Prepare the Chocolate Frosting

To prepare the chocolate frosting, start chopping the dark chocolate. In a small saucepan, pour the sugar and the water

and heat until almost to the boil. Lower the heat and add the chocolate, stirring with a wooden spoon until it melts completely: you will have to obtain a smooth and fluid consistency. Transfer the frosting into a bowl and let it cool for a quarter of an hour, before using it: the ideal temperature is around 30°/40°. The chocolate frosting is ready to garnish your desserts.


To obtain a softer chocolate frosting, you can use the liquid cream or milk instead of water.

For an excellent chocolate frosting, always choose high quality chocolate, preferably 70% cocoa.

Once you have prepared the chocolate frosting, pay attention to the times: if you use it too hot it could create a hard surface, but if you let it cool down too much in the small saucepan it will be difficult to use it. So, respect times and temperature as indicated in the recipe.

To sprinkle your sweets with chocolate frosting, use a metal grate, pouring the frosting very gently for a homogeneous garnish.

You can also use chocolate frosting to write a dedication or some other things on a cake: transfer the frosting in a baking paper cone and make your own decoration.

To make an even more gluttonous filling, you can blend chocolate frosting with custard or whipped cream.

How to Preserve the Chocolate Frosting

You can store the chocolate frosting in the refrigerator for a week, it must be well-covered with plastic film. Before using it, you can heat it for a few seconds in the microwave oven.