Chocolate Whipped Cream Bars: the decadent dessert recipe filled with whipped cream

Total time: 65 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 6 people
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Who would think that a dessert so simple, could taste so delicious! These chocolate whipped cream bars are so easy to make. It’s a dessert consisting of chocolate sponge cake filled with whipped ricotta cream.

This dessert might be simple, but it’s by no means boring. In fact, if you feel creative, why not try one of our tasty variations? The flavor is light and chocolatey, while the texture is soft and delicate.

You will need flour, baking soda, and cocoa powder, together with gelatin, eggs, and ricotta. Not much is needed to create this basic, but delicious dessert. You will love how easy it is!

How To Make Chocolate Whipped Cream Bars

This dessert consists of two components: the chocolate sponge and the cream filling. To make the sponge, whisk together the flour, cocoa, and baking soda. In another bowl, mix the eggs, salt, vanilla, sugar, and honey. Whisk with a mixer. Add the oil and kefir, and mix again. Mis with the flour mixture until smooth. Pour this mixture on a baking sheet and bake.

Now make the ricotta filling. In a small bowl, mix gelatin and milk. In a large bowl, pour ricotta cheese, sugar, honey, and the gelatin mixture. Whisk well. When the sponge is cooked, it’s time to assemble. Cut the dough into two rectangles and fill with the ricotta cream. Refrigerate before serving.



You can replace kefir with milk or plain yogurt.

Think whipped cream is too bland? There are many other delicious fillings you can try: Buttercream, Cool whip, Cream cheese, Vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch pudding, or Dulce de leche.

You can add more tasty decorations too. Try topping it with any of the following: Crushed pecans or walnuts, Rainbow sprinkled (perfect for birthday celebrations), Unsweetened coconut, a drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce.

Want to get creative? Try these variations:

  • Make a red velvet variant, by baking a red velvet sponge and filling it with a cream cheese frosting.
  • For a banana pudding variant, use vanilla pudding for a filling, and place sliced bananas on top.
  • Make a S'mores version by filling with cream mixed with crushed Graham crackers, and topping with marshmallow fluff.

How To Store Chocolate Whipped Cream Bars

Store the chocolate whipped cream bars in the fridge for up to 4 days.

for the chocolate sponge base
100 g (2/5 cup)
Vegetable Oil
50 ml (1/5 cup)
100 ml (2/5 cup)
150 g (1 cup)
Cocoa powder
30 g (2 tbsp)
15 g (1 tbsp)
Baking soda
2 g (1/2 tsp)
a pinch
vanilla sugar
4 g (1 tsp)
for the filling
Ricotta cheese
400 g (2 cups)
150 ml (3/5 cup)
10 g (2 tsp)
50 g (3 tbsp)
15 g (1 tbsp)
for the glaze
melted chocolate
200 g


In a small bowl, mix gelatin and milk.

In a large bowl, mix the ricotta cheese, sugar, honey, and the previously obtained mixture. Whisk well.

In another mixing bowl, add flour, cocoa, soda to the mixing bowl. Mix.

In a large bowl, pour eggs, salt, vanilla, sugar, and honey. Whisk with a mixer.

Add oil and kefir, mix.

Sift the previously made flour mixture into this mixture.

Mix well and pour on a baking sheet.

Use a spoon to spread the mixture on the baking sheet.

Bake at 360°F/180°C for 35 minutes. Cut the dough into two rectangles.

Top with cream and use a spatula to spread it evenly.

Place the other square on the top. Pour the chocolate on the upper crust.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.


This dessert can be made ahead of time, and store in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

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