Here are the best variety of potatoes that you must use to cook various potato-based dishes.

Potatoes can be used in all types of preparations, be it baked, grilled, roasted, stir-fried, or deep fried. The humble potatoes can be enjoyed in many different forms and in as many ways. Read on to know about the variety of potato that can be best used for various cooking methods.

Starchy potatoes

Starchy potatoes tend to absorb plenty of liquids and are not a good choice for curries, stews, soups, and boiling. However, they can be used for dry cooking (roasting, baking, and as mashed potatoes) and oil-based (frying) cooking methods. Russets, Idaho, and sweet potatoes are the starchy variety of potatoes.

Waxy potatoes

These do not absorb too much liquid and are a great pick for the boiled, steamed, and curried preparations (including soups). So, use Yukon gold, fingerlings, Carola, Austrian Crescent, and LaRette to prepare casseroles, salads, and chowders as these potatoes hold its shape really well even after cooking.

All-purpose potatoes

This medium starchy variety of potato includes Kennebec, Goldilocks, Elba, Onaway, purple potatoes, red potatoes, and all blue. These are best suitable for boiling, steaming, frying, and baking purpose (roasting and gratin), and to prepare stews and soups.

New potatoes

This variety of potato is harvested a bit early before it fully matures, which gives these potatoes thin and tender skin. So, if you intend to use whole potatoes for cooking, then these are the best choice.


Russets, in particular, is a perfect choice of potatoes for French fries, latkes, hash browns, and potato wedges.