Christmas colored rolls: with this dessert you’ll surprise your guests

Not a simple dessert, but a fantastic idea for your Christmas.

By Cookist

There isn't Christmas without a good dessert! This one is beautiful, colored and tasty.

Ingredients: 80 gr flour; 80 gr sugar; 80 gr butter, 3 egg whites; food coloring (black, pink, red, white); baking sheet; Christmas draw. Batter: 125 gr sugar; 4 eggs; 125 gr flour; green food coloring. Mousse chocolate.



1) In a large bowl put flour, sugar, butter and egg whites. Combine together until creamy.

2) Divide the batter in four bowl and mix each one with the food coloring;

3) Cover the draw with a baking sheet and draw with the 4 batter (in this way you can make the decorations);

4) In a bowl mix sugar, eggs, flour. When the batter is uniform add the green food coloring;

5) Pour the green batter on the decorations and bake at 340°F (170°) for 12 minutes;

6) Fill with the chocolate mousse and roll; let it cool for 1 hour.

7) Cut, serve and enjoy!

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