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Christmas filled roll with fluffy snowmen: beautiful, colored and delicious dessert

White and red stripes filled roll.

By Cookist

Alternate white and red stripes and make a perfect Christmas dessert.

Ingredients: 5 eggs; 150 gr sugar; 150 gr flour; 1 egg yolk; red food coloring; 200 ml whipped cream; vanilla; 200 gr white chocolate. To decorate: chocolate sticks; marshmallows; candies; candy cans; melted chocolate; whipped cream.



1)Separate egg yolk from whites;

2) Beat the yolk with sugar;

3) Whip the egg whites and pour into the yolk mixture;

4) Add flour and 1 egg yolk; mix well;

5) Separate the batter in two large bowls;

6) In one of these add and mix the red food coloring;

7) Fill the pastry bag with the two batters and spread on a baking tray;

8) Bake at 356°F (180°) for 12 minutes;

9) In another bowl whip the cream;

10) Mix with vanilla and white chocolate;

11) Fill the cake and roll, let it cool;

12) Make the snowmen with marshmallows, chocolate sticks and candies;

13) Decorate with with whipped cream and other candies.

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