Cloves. A spice with a very particular taste and flavor that is good with various sweet and savory dishes but also with tasty winter drinks. The benefits of these small buds that resemble small nails can also be used for our health and beauty.

In addition to being useful in the kitchen, cloves are well known for their beneficial health effects and have traditionally been used as components in the preparation of natural remedies to cope with many ailments.

Properties and benefits
Cloves are rich in nutrients such as vitamins and mineral salts like iodine, calcium, phosphorus and iron and they are able to do something more than simply making our food aromatic. Thanks to the active ingredients contained in them, in fact, the cloves consumed or constantly used as natural remedies are useful for these things.

● Cloves reduce blood sugar levels: according to a study a few years ago, cloves are able to lower blood sugar levels and keep under control diabetes. This spice works by inducing activity in the body similar to that of insulin and would therefore help to counteract insulin resistance.

Cloves improve digestion: cloves improve the ability to digest food but also to expel intestinal gas (they have carminative properties). Among other things, the presence of essential oils in this spice reduces inflammation and kills bacteria in the stomach.

● Cloves placate acidity: if on the one hand cloves improve digestion, on the other hand this spice is also able to reduce the symptoms of acidity by acting on peristalsis in such a way as to prevent the return of food and acid up the throat.

● Cloves lower cholesterol: according to a study published by the American Heart Association, cloves have an excellent anti-cholesterol effect. It is believed that the addition of this spice in powder to the daily diet can protect against the negative effects of high cholesterol.


● Cloves are good for the hygiene and health of the oral cavity: cloves contain anti-inflammatory substances that help reduce the swelling around an infected tooth. Not only are they able to kill harmful bacteria in the mouth but they also help soothe the pain. Moreover, they fight the halitosis problem by cleaning the tongue, the palate and the throat from germs and bacteria, that often cause this disorder.


● Cloves improve breathing: one of the most important components of cloves is eugenol that is known for its expectorant properties. This substance plays a key role in alleviating respiratory problems. In addition, the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of this spice help eliminate infections.

● Cloves alleviate joint pain: cloves have a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect, properties that can be useful even in case of joint problems. For this purpose the spice can be applied locally.


● Cloves counteract the sore throat: thanks to its antibacterial and pain-relieving power, this spice is able to fight sore throats, also decreasing the sensation of itching.

● They help to fight stress and relax: thanks to its strong but relaxing aroma, the clove is excellent as a natural aid in coping with stress.

● Cloves improve the appearance of the skin: the cloves act as a natural remedy to eliminate imperfections and pimples. This is always due to their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.