Coca-Cola And Carlsberg Support Development Of New Plant-Based Bottles

The reputable beverage companies have aired their choices to support the creation of plant-based bottles by a Dutch company. According to inventors, these bottles will fully decompose in just a year, making them environment-friendly and much healthier substitutes for plastics. Even better, since they are made of plants, they help shorten the usage of fossil fuels!

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The future is here in the form of "green" bottles! No, they are not green in color but are made from plant sugars and so, decompose.

The bottles are new products from the Dutch industry, Avantium, and they have since amassed praise for the bottles thanks to earning Coca-Cola and Carlsberg's backing.

One of the essential advantages that the bottles are bringing to the fore is that, since they are made of plant sugars, they tackle plastic pollution and the excessive use of fossil fuels.

The material will be used to create a protective, recyclable layer within a cardboard bottle, replacing the regular containers, ultimately helping to reduce the amount of carbon waste produced by manufacturers of beverages.

The bottles are not in use yet but are expected to become in regular use sometime 2023. While there is nothing more anyone wants than to have the bottles in circulation, it is said that Avantium is still hard to work designing the material to make sure it can hold carbonated drinks.

Thus far, in trials that have been carried out, the bottles decompose in a year and some if left outside in normal conditions. Otherwise, it is advised that they are recycled.

The bottle is indeed the all-rounder with Avantium announcing that manufacturing the bottles poses no risk of shortage in the food supply chain as they consider using "sustainable biowaste" as the project progresses.

The company's innovative creation is quite well-received among the food and beverages – it really might just pave the way for going "green" in the industry as awareness of the dangers of plastic waste continues to spread worldwide.

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