Here is a list of cocktails that can also keep your consumption of alcohol in check.

Celebrations and festivities bring in fun times where it becomes hard to control binging on food and alcohol. With the recent trend of preparing cocktails with low alcohol by volume (ABV) beverages, it has somehow become easier to manage the consumption of alcohol, particularly if consumed on a daily basis. Lower proof spirits like beer and wine mixed with bitters, syrups, and garnishes are the recent trend.

These low ABV drinks contain liquors that have 20% ABV, which helps to keep the drinker from getting too drunk and consuming too many liquor calories. It is known that unaccounted consumption of alcohol can result in high blood pressure, and lead to an increased risk of stroke and heart failure.

Ideally, men must consume up to 2 drinks per day and women just 1 drink per day where each drink is equivalent of 12 oz. of beer or 4 oz. of wine or 1 oz. of spirit.

The best ingredients for any low ABV drink are



Prosecco, cava or any other sparkling wine

Sherry, port or any other fortified wine

Soju, sake or any other rice wine

Liqueurs like Pimm’s and Lillet

Amari like Fernet Branca or Zucca Rabarbaro

You can also try these quick cocktail recipes with low alcohol content.

Session daiquiri. Mix 1.5 ozs. Amontillado sherry, 0.5 oz. Jamaican rum, 1 oz. lime, 1 oz. pineapple syrup, and a pinch of salt with ice. Shake everything well and then strain it in to a cocktail glass and serve.

Poinsettia. Mix 1 oz. pomegranate juice, 2 ozs. Vermouth, 0.5 oz. gin, and 2 drops of absinthe with ice. Strain it in to a cocktail glass and enjoy.