This cookie cake is a unique, easy to prepare dessert. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, but the result is incredible!

Ingredients: 500g dry cookies, 400ml whipped cream, 250g mascarpone, one espresso coffee, 3 tablespoons hazelnut cream, 1 tsp honey.


1)Whip the cream and add the mascarpone, coffee, honey and hazelnut cream.

2) Fill the cookies with the cream to make a cookie sandwich.

3) Dip them in cold milk and coffee for just a few seconds and then arrange them vertically in a cake pane.

4) Chill in the refrigerator and serve!

There are many no-bake recipe to try at home, for example: Black and white cookie cake.

Ingredients: 300g whipped cream, 100g powdered sugar, 250g mascarpone cheese, 2 tsp hazelnut spread cookies.


1) Separate the two cookies and lay them onto the base of the cake pan.
2) Make the cream by combining the whipped cream and mascarpone cream. Divide the cream into two bowls.
3) Add the hazelnut spread to half of the cream.
4) Layer the cake with chocolate cream, add more cookies and finish off with the white cream.
5) Chill for about 5 hours before serving.