Fortune cookies are great fun and can leave you puzzled in the most incredible way. Read on to know about some of the funniest fortunes people found wrapped inside these cookies.

Fortune cookies are unarguably one of the best things about the Chinese food outlets, of course beside their delectable preparations. However, many times these cookies carry a crazy and fun note too that can leave you in a fix. Here are some of the weirdest fortune notes people found inside their share of cookies.

Who knew fortune cookies are so damn aware of their being. Someone found this crazy note written on one of the fortune cookies “About time I got out of that cookie.

And, the threat. A scary fortune read “You laugh now, wait till you get home.

Sometimes they do leave you wondering. So, one time someone found a fortune saying “Wow! A secret message from your teeth!” Like, what is this sweet message even referring to?

And, other times these cookies can be just having some harmless fun with you. A person got a really flirtatious fortune in their fortune cookie, which says “Could I get some directions? (“To where?”) To your heart.

How about getting some quick language lessons? It is quite common to find the translations and vocabulary lessons of some of the commonly found items like fruits and vegetables on the fortune cookie notes.

Other times the fortune cookies just play around with you. A strange fortune cookie read “The fortune you seek is in another cookie.

Have you ever found some really crazy fortunes, like this one? A really strange note once read “Come back later… I am sleeping. (Yes, cookies need their sleep, too).

And, yet there are others that are so philosophical. Ever read some lines that reminded you of something else, like this one “Life never hears you screaming your safe word.

Some brain storming cookies, anyone? Ever read something similar to this? “Digital circuits are made from analog parts.” OR “Cilantro is often referred to as Chinese parsley and is used in many P.F. Chang’s dishes.” OR “How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?” Ha ha ha.

And, then there are mood spoilers that will certainly gross you out. One very weird fortunes read “I didn’t wash my hands after my last toilet break”. May be the writer didn’t use the toilets during the break time.

Well, there are also some nasty ones. Once a fortune cookie read “Ulcers are what you got for forgetting your stomach.”