From pizza, pasta, delicious snack or dessert, cheese and cheese variants are a part of our everyday life. Adding cheese to preparations make them creamy, gooey, rich and so much delicious. However, there are people who cannot tolerate cheese derived from milk that is sourced from animals. Here are a few options that are worth considering in case you are looking for dairy free cheese.

Since recent, people have been avoiding dairy based food and food products to sustain a healthy living. There are many reasons for this as some avoid dairy because of lactose intolerance, others to get rid of acne and lose weight or some due to a change in their dietary habits. To make up for the absence of dairy based cheese in your diet, you may consider opting for these plant based cheese varieties.

  • Soy cheese is one of the first variants of dairy free cheese that is widely popular all over the world. With the advancement in technology, you may find soy cheese to taste similar to parmesan, cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack cheese variants. In fact, you may easily find soy based cream cheese and sour cream that can be used to create delicious dairy free preparations. Soy cheese does not contain casein and because of this few varieties of soy cheese may not melt similar to the traditional cheese. Hence, you will have to pick your soy cheese correctly to compliment the recipe you wish to prepare.
  • Tofu cheese can be easily prepared at home and is delicious to taste. To prepare tofu cheese you have to press and remove water from a block of tofu as much possible and then slice the tofu block. Spread miso over each tofu slice and let it sit unrefrigerated for at least a day or two. Scrape off the miso paste before you eat it and refrigerate the remaining tofu cheese. This can be a great replacement for feta and blue cheese.
  • Tree nut cheese is a vegan cheese and prepared from macadamia nut or cashew after getting fermented. This seasoned cheese has a complex flavor and can be enjoyed over crackers.
  • Nut free vegan cheese sauce. People with nut allergies may find a great alternative in the vegan cheese sauce that is prepared by blending sesame seeds with lemon juice until the mixture is smooth in consistency. Add olive oil, nutritional yeast, and season the mixture with onion powder, mustard powder, and garlic powder. Cook this mixture on low heat until it is of appropriate thickness and use it over any of your favorite cheese preparation.
  • Plant based cheese. This cheese variation is the safest and can be comfortably enjoyed by people with milk allergy, nut allergy, and soy allergy. You may look for the plant based cheese varieties prepared with tapioca and zucchini.