Desserts with bananas: 5 ideas for delicious and nutritious recipes

So why not use bananas for tasty recipes?

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Preparing banana-based desserts is a greedy and anti-wasteful idea, because we often have very ripe fruit at home that must be consumed. So why not use bananas for tasty recipes?

Banana desserts are quite common in the kitchen. In the absence of anything else, banana pulp can be often a valid alternative to flour-based preparations, because it is thick, creamy and sweet in a natural way. It happens for example in the version of the 2-ingredients pancakes with only bananas and egg whites, but also in the version of ice cream without whipping cream.

Many desserts with bananas are born in the United States or in the United Kingdom, such as the delicious recipe of banana split or banana bread. Let's find out 5 recipes of desserts with bananas to be prepared at home.

1.Banana split


Banana split is a very famous American dessert. The recipe is quick and easy and the result is perfect for a snack for adults and children. The undisputed star is the banana, cut in half lengthwise, hence the term "split". In the traditional recipe, the banana is stuffed with melted chocolate, ice cream and cream, but you can do whatever you prefer.

To prepare the banana split, cut a banana that is not too ripe for the long side. Arrange the two halves of a plate and, in the center, add three balls of chocolate. Melt the chocolate in a water bath in a saucepan. Cover everything by pouring the melted chocolate and decorate with cream, chopped hazelnuts and pistachios, or other fresh fruit.

2. Banana fritters


Banana fritters are fluffy and delicious treats ideal all year round. In this case, just prefer ripe bananas, more suitable for this type of preparation because they are softer and sweeter. Banana fritters are a tasty alternative to apple fritters, a quick and easy recipe to prepare.

To prepare the fritters cut in pieces 3 ripe bananas and cover them with a batter of flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder. Fry in abundant hot oil and sprinkle with icing sugar and, if you like, cinnamon. To make the dough more aromatic you can add the grated zest of one lemon.

3.Banana bread


Banana bread is a dessert made with bananas, cinnamon, flour, eggs and butter typical of the Anglo-Saxon tradition. The recipe is very similar to that of a very soft and flavored plumcake, perfect for breakfast. Banana bread lends itself to many variations, such as banana and chocolate variant, which you can prepare both with drops to add to the dough and with cocoa powder.

To prepare the banana bread, peel the bananas and mash the pulp to obtain a soft consistency. Add the eggs and the previously melted butter. Stir with a whisk and, separately, sift the flour, adding sugar, baking powder, a teaspoon (3,5grams) of baking soda and cinnamon. Pour the mixture into a plumcake mold and bake in a static oven at 180 degrees C for about 50 minutes.

4. Banana cake


Banana cake is a light and tasty dessert, very simple to prepare. It is a variant of the classic banana bread, but much more similar to a fluffy donut. A few simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs and, of course, bananas are enough for the recipe.

To prepare it, cut the ripe bananas into rounds and blend them in a mixer together with the sugar, lemon zest and lemon juice. Pour the mixture into a bowl and sift flour and baking powder. Blend until creamy. Pour everything into a buttered pan and bake for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees C in static mode. At the end of cooking, let it cool and sprinkle with icing sugar.

5. 2-ingredients Pancake


2-ingredients pancakes are an excellent dessert for the sweet tooth who are anyway careful with their weight. Prepared only with banana pulp and egg white, these pancakes are butter-free, milk-free and sugar-free. A valid protein alternative, also excellent as a snack after training. They are also gluten-free, because they do not contain flour, and therefore they are also suitable for those who suffer from celiac disease.

To prepare them in a short time, just crush the pulp of two ripe bananas, add it to the eggs and blend everything until you get a creamy preparation. Pour with a ladle in a non-stick hot pan. As soon as a crust has formed, turn the pancakes with a spatula and repeat the operation a few times for 3-4 minutes. Stuff with maple syrup, chocolate or jams.

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