Desserts without butter are ideal for those who prefer light preparations that are easy and quick to make. You will get soft cakes and desserts, to be consumed in the morning for breakfast or for a tasty and light snack. Here are 10 desserts without butter, easy and fast to prepare.

The desserts without butter are ideal for those who prefer light preparations that are easy and quick to make. You will get soft cakes and desserts, to be consumed in the morning for breakfast or for a tasty and light snack. Making a cake without butter does not mean preparing a dessert without flavor: these are indeed very good recipes, ideal to prepare every day, for the whole family.

Butter in desserts is usually replaced with seed oil: on 100 grams of butter you will use 80 grams of oil, to be always added at room temperature. Prefer an oil with a delicate flavor, such as corn one, so that the taste is not so much present. The oil will make your preparations soft and light. Alternatively you can replace it with vegetable margarine, ricotta cheese, liquid cream or yogurt, without using fatty ingredients. Here are 10 fast and tasty desserts without butter.

1.Tart without butter

The tart without butter is the ideal preparation for those who want to enjoy a light and genuine dessert. So you can make a crumbly pastry, and perfect to fill, using the oil: you can choose the oil of sunflower seeds or corn, with a delicate taste, or olive oil that will give a stronger aroma. The tart without butter is the ideal dessert also for those who follow a low calorie diet and for those who are lactose intolerant. Once ready you can stuff it with strawberry jam or jam or cream of your choice: it will be excellent for breakfast, as a snack, but also as an exquisite after-dinner: the lightness and fragrance of the tart without butter will conquer everyone.

2. Margherita cake without eggs and butter

The margherita cake without eggs and butter is an easy recipe to make suitable for those who cannot eat this food because of an intolerance or simply to keep themselves lighter. If prepared according to the basic recipe, which is without butter and without milk, this cake is also suitable for a vegan diet. The ideal dessert for breakfast and for a snack: a cake without eggs and butter that will surprise you for how good and soft it is.

3. Cookies without butter

Cookies without butter are a light and easy to prepare dessert. Also ideal for those suffering from intolerance or allergy to lactose and cholesterol, they can be consumed at breakfast or as a snack, accompanied by a cup of hot milk or tea. They are drier than biscuits with butter but equally crumbly. Many are the variations, all very good and very light, which everyone can customize according to their tastes and their imagination. For those who are following a diet, they are real panacea.

4. Almond cake without butter

The almond cake without butter is a dessert prepared with almonds: soft to enjoy for breakfast or snack and suitable for the whole family. A light, soft and fragrant cake that will be really hard to resist to: ideal to serve as a dessert after a meal. For the preparation we used eggs, sugar, flour, milk, oil, chopped almonds and baking powder, all flavored with amaretto liqueur, to make the cake even tastier.

5. Water cake

The water cake is very easy to prepare, the ideal dessert even for those who are kitchen beginners and do not yet have much experience with desserts. Water cake is prepared without eggs, without butter and without milk: all you need to do is use 00 type flour, sugar, water, seed oil and lemon peel. A soft and light dessert ideal for a snack, but perfect to prepare if friends suddenly arrive for dinner: in just a few steps you will make a very sweet and fragrant cake that will captivate your guests.

6. Vegan tiramisu

Vegan tiramisu is the version of the classic Italian coffee-based dessert prepared without eggs and mascarpone cheese. Quick and easy to prepare at home, perfect if you have guests intolerant or allergic to eggs or vegans. The ideal dessert even if you want to make a lighter tiramisu. The taste will be equally delicious, even if the tips to remake the recipe are not few: soy cream and yoghurt, whole cane sugar and vegan biscuits.

7. Wine cookies

The wine cookies are delicious and fragrant small donuts prepared with flour, sugar, oil, baking powder for desserts, wine and anise, they are then made with a few simple ingredients, without butter or eggs, therefore they are also very light. During cooking, wine loses its alcoholic part, releasing only a beautiful fragrance. Before baking them in the oven, the wine small donuts will be passed in granulated sugar: once cooked, it will form a delicious and crunchy crust on top of the cookies. Once ready you can soak the cookies in a glass of passito wine or milk, or simply enjoy alone during your delicious pause.

8. Apple pie without butter

The apple pie without butter is a perfect solution for breakfast, ideal for those who want to enjoy a tasty but light dessert. Like the grandmother's apple pie recipe, it is simple and lends itself to many variations both to be adapted to one's taste and to meet various food needs.

9. Yogurt cake

The yogurt cake is a simple and quick dessert to make: to make it, only flour, cornstarch, yogurt, eggs, sugar and seed oil are enough. Also known as "cake of the jars" because you can use a jar of yogurt as a unit of measurement, it is a cake that can be decorated and enriched with berries, chocolate, coffee or jam. The final result will be a perfect soft and moist cake.

10. Vegan cookies

The vegan cookies are tasty and light, they are prepared without butter, without eggs and without animal fats: the ideal desserts for breakfast or snack to accompany with a glass of vegetable milk or with a cup of hot tea. The preparation is really simple and everyone will love it, vegans and not: flour, cane sugar, seed oil, dark chocolate, almond milk, soy milk, or the vegetable milk of your choice, and a bit of baking powder, to get healthy and tasty vegan cookies ready in 15 minutes.