The standard toppings that accompany the classic ingredients of the cheesesteak include toppings like fried onions, hot or sweet peppers, sauteed mushrooms, and ketchup.

A cheesesteak hoagie is made up of lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, and so is a combination of a cold hoagie (as subs are called in the Philly area), and the traditional hot cheesesteak.

Is it any wonder that the Philadelphians — and the visitors! —  love the cheesesteak!?

According to the city's official website, Pat Olivieri, a fast-food vendor in south Philadelphia, created what would become the cheesesteak after grilling beef and putting it on an Italian roll.

A cab driver thought it smelled nice and ordered a steak sandwich. Word of Olivieri's new creation quickly went viral amongst Philly cab drivers and thus the birth of the cheesesteak.

Olivieri enjoyed great success thanks to the cheesesteak and launched a new store, Pat's King of Steaks, on 9th Street and Passyunk Avenue.

The cheesesteak was further developed in the 40s when Joe Lorenza, Pat's manager, decided to add cheese.

Ever since then, the cheesesteak has grown to become Philly's signature dish and enjoyed more modifications thanks to its continued supply year after year.

If you ever visit Philadelphia, make sure to check out any of Pat's stores or other famous cheesesteak joints. Just make sure to make your decision of toppings before getting on the line and skip the small talk!