Did You Know These 10 Unique Facts About Brownies?

Brownies are great delicacies, but they get less attention from people than other baked goods. In fact, among American desserts, they are the least popular compared to cakes and cookies, but it does not mean they are terrible. Here are some brownie facts that are sure to make you crave some.

By Cookist

Many people enjoy brownies, but they are sometimes not the first choice when it comes to selecting a snack to consume. Despite that, many people have tried to make brownies at least once, with many succeeding because of how easy they are to prepare.

Below are some facts about brownies that many other people do not know.

1. Their origin is unknown. There are several theories about where brownies came from. One is that a chef mistakenly melted chocolate into biscuit dough, while the most popular theory states that it all started when a housewife had been the one to create the very first one. According to reports, she had run out of baking powder and chose to serve it as “flattened cakes.”


2. The classic brownie recipe is made up of only five ingredients: These include; butter, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and flour.


3. Fudgy brownies are a type of brownie that contain small amounts of flour and no baking powder. When the butter is melted rather than creamed, it leads to a more fudgy result.

4. Brownies become cake-like when they contain less butter and more flour than fudgy brownies. They also contain baking powder, and the softened butter is creamed with sugar instead of getting melted with chocolate.

5. Brownies end up being chewy because extra eggs were added, and a combo of chocolates was used.

6. There are brownies known as blondies. These kinds of brownies are known for their golden brown colour and are made with brown sugar, vanilla, butter, and eggs however no chocolate is needed.


7. People consider brownies a comfort food that sometimes triggers nostalgic feelings within the consumer.

8. There are now multiple brownie recipes, and they all have different characteristics. There is even one known as the zucchini brownie.

9. There is a day dedicated to celebrating brownies. It is dubbed the National Brownie Day and it takes place every year on December 8th.

10. The term brownie could also be used to address a mythical creature. These brownies are small fanciful good-natured elves that secretly carry out good deeds under the cover of darkness.

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