Read on to know how you can make the loofah soaps at the comfort of your home!

Loofah soap is a great way to scrub off dead skin from the body. And, instead of buying expensive scrubs and sponges from the market, you can easily prepare a great natural alternative at your home itself.

Loofah is actually a vegetable belonging to the cucumber family and this plant belonging to the gourd family is actually edible when young. Upon getting fully ripe, loofah can be used as a great natural exfoliating tool that can both help to scrub the body and be used for household cleaning purposes.

To prepare this, you have to first remove the skin and seeds of a ripened loofah so that it has only the skeleton of xylem fibers. These fibers turn spongy when it is soaked in water, which is of great help to scrub while bathing or to clean the dirty kitchen.

Recipe for the loofah soap

Slice the loofah into 1-inch thick sections and then place them into individual silicon cupcake molds. Now, melt some clear melt-and-pour soap base and then cool it slightly. Add 20 to 30 drops of any essential oil of your choice and mix it well. Pour the soap base into the loofahs present in the cupcake molds and then fill it until just below the top edge of each cupcake mold. You can also place a heavy sheet on top of the mold tray in case the loofahs start to float up. Just let it dry and use it as and when required.