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Does The Size Of Eggs Matter When It Comes To Cooking?

Eggs are a staple diet for most people and have a wide range of usefulness. These days, people who enjoy it have several options to choose from, and the sizes also vary, which begs the question, how important is the size of an egg when it comes to cooking? Keep reading to find the answer.

By Cookist

Eggs are great for many things, even when you are not eating them. There are now several options to choose from, and some stores will have up to four different sizes available.

Over time, cooking enthusiasts have wondered how an egg's size affects its cooking; they wonder what happens if you swap a medium-sized egg for a large one in a baking recipe. Will it come out wrong?

They also wonder if there’s any difference between buying a small cheap size and a large, costly one. Here’s what we found.

Size Does Matter


The size of a dozen eggs is not based on how big any of the eggs are. It is based on the minimum weight per dozen. The USDA says: “While some eggs in the carton may look slightly larger or smaller than the rest, it is the total weight of the dozen eggs that puts them in one of the following classes.”

The classes include:

  • Jumbo: 30 oz. (2.5 oz. per egg on average)
  • Extra-large: 27 oz. (2.25 oz. per egg on average)
  • Large: 24 oz. (2 oz. per egg on average)
  • Medium: 21 oz. (1.75 oz. per egg on average)
  • Small: 18 oz. (1.5 oz. per egg on average)
  • Peewee: 15 oz. (1.25 oz. per egg on average)

Is It Right To Swap Different Sizes in Recipes?


When doing things like breading, binding, or making basic egg recipes like scrambled eggs and hardboiled ones, the taste won’t be affected if you use a medium egg rather than a large one. However, if you’re watching your diet carefully, you should know that the larger the eggs, the more nutrients are contained within them.

If you’re baking and the recipe requires a certain amount of egg, it is advisable to stick to the quantity and egg size the recipe demands. It can be tricky to determine if an egg is larger than others with the naked eye, so it is best to weigh it.

In the end, you decide what type of egg you need for whatever you are doing, but unless you are working on something fancy and delicate, it does not really matter what size the egg is.

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