The coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, with new deaths continually recorded daily. There have been so many charitable works and volunteers that have shown that there is great love in helping others.

A Colorado woman, Karen Everett, is one such selfless person that has made the news. She is the owner of Sundance, the dog that is fast going viral because he helps to deliver food supplies and other essential things to their neighbors.

It all started when Everett tried to help Renee Hillman, her neighbor, who has COPD and other medical conditions that make her vulnerable to the widespread virus.

Everett took things further by training her large dog, Sundance, who is fondly called Sunny, to collect Renee's grocery list every day and deliver it to them every night.

In an interview with CNN, Everett shared that she didn't even plan to make it long term, but Sunny's enthusiasm was a great encouragement.

Smitten with affection for her animal partner, Everett said:

"He's a hero for sure. He just did it, it was, all of a sudden, and he was here, and that's my job, and I'm gonna do it – so it was wonderful."

She further explains that for Sundance, the primary motivation is his treats but that his ability and devotion to helping her has made him a special part of her life.

Training him to help others is Everett's little way of spreading love and care for others around her. Amid this pandemic, this selflessness matters a lot; help others in any way you can and stay safe while doing so!