Eric Calhoun is the founder of Solutions Inc, a twelve-year-old non-profit organization that caters to just about everything. Through the organization, Calhoun has pushed advocacy for causes like ex-prisoners' voting rights and increasing local students' access to arts.

When the pandemic started taking a significant toll on his community, Calhoun added an exceptional delivery service that would help feed his community to one of the organization's tasks.

The project took off in May 2020, and Jefferson County Commissioner Lashunda Scales soon approached Eric with the opportunity to partner with Forestwood Farm Inc., one of Alabama's largest produce distributors.

Through the USDA's Farmers to Families Food Box program, the collaboration culminated in a delivery system that provided 20-pound boxes of fresh produce to residents.

As the scope of their distribution increased, Calhoun and his wife, A. Faye, who is the chairperson for Solutions Inc., teamed up with faith groups and a nearby high school to recruit volunteers for the cause.

Each week, they give away as many as 1,680 boxes of produce!

The community does not undermine the Calhouns' act of kindness; because not only has the project grown rapidly, it has motivated other local residents to help the less privileged — and, in fact, the secret — in the community.

Like A. Faye has reiterated, the organization not only caters to the elderly or impoverished fraction, their goal is to "feed people" regardless of their social class.

What are you doing to help your neighbors in these trying times? Remember, it only takes a few to spread love and kindness.

Image Credits: Taste of Home