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Brewery In New York Employs Dogs To Deliver Beer Amidst Pandemic

New York is now widely labeled the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the US. This has caused resident organizations and businesses to find unique ways to ensure that the work flow continues, despite the life-threatening limitation. For a brewery in the city, that has included employing trained dogs, Buddy and Barley, to help deliver beer during the lockdown.

By Cookist

Before the pandemic, Six Harbors, a brewing company located on Long Island in New York, limited its business activities to producing beer and selling it wholesale.

However, the economic toll of the pandemic called for them to modify their business strategies to include deliveries like many other businesses.

Six Harbors, however, added a unique twist to their delivery method by enlisting the help of golden retrievers, Buddy and Barley, to deliver the beer to customers.

The large dogs don't do this alone. They are assisted by the owners of the brewery, Karen and Mark Heuwetter. The Heuwetters launched the idea to employ the dogs because the brewery's taproom had to be shut down due to the pandemic.

Mark said:

"We had to redefine our business. We never had curbside. We never had delivery."


Kindheartedly, the Heuwetters also offer the delivery, which can be a curbside pickup or door-to-door based on preferences, for free.

Even better, there is nothing more adorable than the sight of Barley and Buddy bouncing up walkways to deliver the drinks to customers' doorsteps.

Karen shares that, thanks to the dogs, their family-run company has maintained a personal touch with customers as the pandemic ravages on.

"The dogs kind of bring more of a connection for them," she said.

While it is indeed a smart business strategy, there is no denying that the deliveries will be a special treat for customers.

Cheers to the Heuwetters!

Image credits: Six Harbors Brewing Company

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